Beach at CasaresOur evangelism and church construction outreach began in Casares, a small fishing village along the Pacific coast about an hour’s drive from Managua, the nation’s capital. Here people remain without many of  life’s basic necessities, including clean drinking water.

But Messiah Project is helping, with a childrens feeding program and other community development projects, while seeking to meet the most desperate need of the people; salvation through Christ and discipling in the faith.

Go into all the worldJesus’ command was to “go,” and since it’s simple beginnings in 2002, our evangelism and discipleship outreach continues to grow throughout the state of Carazo. The Lord has raised up more than 140 thriving and growing churches with a vision to reach out to the lost.

Recently, this outreach has been extended to some of the region’s most notorious gangs. Young men have been miraculously delivered and set free by God’s mighty power, and their lives radically changed.

Messiah Project continues to minister in the men and womens federal penitentiary in Granada. With a population nearing 800 inmates, the power of God’s word continues to touch and transform lives as nearly half of the inmates have come to know Christ as their personal savior and through the faith of these believers the Lord has built, at this facility, the first ever evangelical church within prison walls in Nicaragua.

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