Church Construction


As His Word goes forth and hearts are born again, groups of new believers begin to meet together to praise and worship the Lord. Some gather in homes, while others construct make-shift brush arbors but never wavering in their belief that one day the Lord will make provision for a building to be built.

Many of these “church” bodies have been faithfully meeting and reaching out evangelizing their communities for years and through prayer, fasting and an unmovable faith, the Lord has provided the funds to build a church building.

The local congregation does a large portion of the construction work as well as provide food for the volunteer laborers that come from other Messiah Project churches to lend a hand. It’s a wonderful time of fellowship for all but it’s also a time of great encouragement to others, that one day the Lord will  provide a building for them also.

We are not church planters, but believe that by obeying Jesus’ command to “go” and preach His Word, that the Lord builds His spiritual church first and through the faith of  those believers provides for the physical church.

The Construction

The church building utilizes cost effective cut quarry stone in it’s masonry design along with an all metal roof structure and covering. The size of each building varies depending on the size of the community where it is located but an average size capable of seating 150 people is approximately 26 feet wide by 45 feet long and can be built at a cost of $7,500.00.

We have clear title on all properties where churches are constructed to ensure good stewardship of the Lord’s resources.

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begininng at La Reformanew church- la reformamembers - la reformafirst church at santa teresanew church at santa teresamembers - santa teresa