Equipping the Saints


Jesus’ command was to “go” into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. As the Lord raises up more and more believes to preach His Word, we are working to equip them with the tools they need to “go forth”. With the gospel currently being preached over 45 times a day throughout the region, men and women travel tirelessly evangelizing village by village, town to town.

As they preach in the parks, bus stops, street corners and the garbage dumps,  the equipment that has stood the test of time is a small, battery powered portable PA system and  CD player. Along with a Bible and some evangelical scripture booklets, everything fits nicely into a normal size backpack…. compact and mobile!

At times traveling for hours by foot to reach people off the beaten path, a simple bicycle can greatly reduce travel time and increase the number of times the Good News is preached each day.

A complete PA kit, including the back pack – $135.00
A new bicycle – $65.00

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pa systempreaching

evangelistwalking with pa systemnew bicyclebicycle with pastor