Lending Library


The library program is an outreach which provides a place where children, youth and adults can have access to a variety of educational literature to encourage reading and simulate learning. With the closest library nearly one hundred mile away, this will not only be the first public library in the region but the first lending library as well.

The Nicaragua public library system does not allow books to leave the library. This program will permit books to be checked out and taken home for one week. We believe by making the books available to be read at home, that reading will become a healthy alternative to less productive or harmful evening activities.

The library will also offer . In time we would like to begin classes in art and wood carving for the youth, sewing classes for women and  for the men.

The library building is located at the entrance of the ministry property and although it is small in size, it has shelving capacity for over 3,000 books. The covered patio along one side of the building will be used for a children story hour for little ones too young to read and vocational training in agricultural classes such as tree grafting, raised bed gardening, organic composting and farm animal husbandry.

The program is in it’s infancy as we are starting with a little more than one hundred and fifty books but as the Lord makes provision, we hope to expand the book inventory to include reference books such as encyclopedias for students and adult education with a focus on Christian literature.

Our goal is not only to have enough books to stock the library itself but to have enough books to provide a mobile library outreach to the children living along the river.

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