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Psalm 32:7  reminds us: Thou, Oh Lord,  art my hiding place, Thou shalt preserve me from trouble: Thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance.

Although hurricane Felix has become for most a past memory, for those living in the Northeastern region of Nicaragua it remains a foremost thought. The 15 mile wide swath Felix carved through the dense rain forest only 30 miles below Waspam is still evident today. Where once stood the towering treetops of the lush green rain forest canopy, there now lies only the brown, twisted trunks of fallen trees, stripped of there foliage. It serves as a constant reminder of the Lord’s infinite mercy as thousands of lives were spared from certain destruction. We thank the Lord continually for each new day and all of you for your prayers.

While the brunt of Felix passed just below us, the high winds destroyed much of the rice, corn and banana crops that were ready to be harvested. The Lord had immediately provided supplies and allowed us to deliver some of the first emergency food down river after the storm had passed. We continue to help with the food relief efforts by making our staff , boats and motors available to deliver the much need supplies. It was during one of those trips that a story emerged of God’s goodness during the storm.

The event took place in the village of Klampa. As you may recall, this is the village where the Lord had built a church earlier this year. It is a church that was birthed in prayer and built by faith. While visiting the village last month, the Pastor shared his amazing story.

They had received almost no warning of the impending danger. As the winds from Felix increased, some of the houses started to collapse. The river had swollen out of it’s banks, flooding the village under several feet of water. It was close to evening as the villagers began to realize the hurricane’s strength. In a sense of panic, they abandoned their homes, but there was no where to go, no where to hide. As if led by the hand of the Lord, the villagers began to make their way to the newly constructed church.

The Pastor said that the first people to arrive in the church were, after abandoning their own church building, the very religious leaders that had tried to keep us out of the village and had ridiculed them relentlessly for their faith that the Lord would provide the church. His own congregation was some of the last to enter. The Pastor went on to say that all the villagers were able to find shelter in the church. That is in itself a miracle, as the village has over one hundred and thirty five FAMILIES and the church is on twenty four feet wide and forty eight feet long. But what was even more amazing is that the people fled to the church bringing with them their dogs, cats, chickens and pigs.

As the storm raged outside, the people huddled together praying and singing songs throughout the night. Around daybreak the Pastor began preaching the about the need to have Jesus as your personal Savior. By midday the worst of the storm had passed. The doors were opened and the people, carrying their animals, emerged to return to their homes and access the damage. As the Pastor shared his story I couldn’t help but think, Lord you built them an ark! The church building was completely undamaged.

The Lord had truly shown the people of Klampa of  His provision and protection in a time of need. Since that time, many more souls have been added to the kingdom in Klampa and the church’s congregation has tripled.

the church

The Anchor Holds!!

The short DVD of the “House the Lord Built” showing the Church’s construction and people involved is still available, free of charge.

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