Feeding and Medicine Program


It began as a desire in a mother’s heart when she asked her children to consider giving the money that they had saved to buy hers and her husbands Christmas gifts to the poor of Nicaragua.

The gift was used to start a new program of supplying vitamins and internal parasite medicine to the people along the Rio Coco River. With no medical help of this kind available and malnutrition and sickness rampant along the river, the goal was simple.  Reach as many people with the compassion of Christ as possible.

We began by helping only the children and elderly and now by the grace of God, the program has expanded to include everyone over four years of age along all of the lower portion of the river, nearly 12,000 people.

With each distribution of medicine the gospel message is preached and scripture booklets outlining God’s love and mercy are given out. It is our prayer to be able to continue to show God’s love and compassion through this program by supplying the much needed medicine every six months.

The medicine for treating parasites helps for about six months and the one month supply of vitamins gives their immune system a much needed boost. With the widespread disease and malnutrition this blessing from the Lord has made, for many, the difference in living another year. At a cost of  33 cents per person, it is such a blessing that the people can enjoy the benefits the medicine and vitamins provide while experiencing the love God has for them.

Yes, some have said that the program won’t help because of the horrible conditions the people live in, but few of us know what it is like to not have enough to eat, to see your child coughing up internal parasites or watching an elderly loved one die unnecessarily because their bodies were too weak from malnutrition. We have chosen to try and make a difference!

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