Parasite Medicine


With very little medical help of this kind available on the river, sickness and malnutrition run rampant. Our goal was simple: Reach as many people with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ as possible!.

Sharing medicineWe began in 2008 by giving the medicine to just the children and elderly. But today, by the grace of God, the program has slowly expanded along the lower river to include every person over four years old. Every six months as we travel the river, the message of God’s love is shown, impacting the lives of nearly 15,000 people.

The medicine for treating parasites provides protection from re-infestation for only six months.  However, the medicine combined with the vitamins and nutrients from the feeding program, gives their immune systems a much needed boost to fight off disease and effects of malnutrition. This blessing from the Lord has, for some, made the difference in living another year.

Giving scripture bookletsWith each distribution of medicine, the Gospel message is shared and scripture booklets proclaiming God’s love and mercy are given out. It is our prayer to be able to continue showing God’s love and compassion through this program by supplying this much needed medicine every six months. At a cost of fifteen cents per person, it is such a blessing to know the people can enjoy the benefits the medicine provides while experiencing the love God has for them.

Many have almost no way to escape the difficult living conditions due to the language barrier within their own country.  We have been given a tremendous opportunity and have chosen to try and make a difference.


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